The Great American Aero Derby (GAAD) is DSC_3008an online competition for people of all ages. Please see the rules and regulations for more information on how the competition will run.

The GAAD competition is an indoor or outdoor flight contest including both gliders and / or rubber band powered aircraft. All planes are kept to strict guidelines encouraging ingenuity and experience as the main ingredients for success.

Are you are ready for a fun-filled aviation competition? 


AeroRacers Inc. is an innovative manufacturer of hands-on, brains-on educational materials. AeroRacers manufactures the highest quality aircraft, rockets, race cars and boats to be used in conjunction with math, science and technology in the class room. AeroRacers also produces after school/summer programs to be integrated with your existing curriculum. For more information visit


Additional Great American Aero Derby(R) (GAAD) History:

We are proud to say the 2013 Great American Aero Derby was a success!  AeroRacers, Inc. and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) team up annually for this unique and exciting event.  On Saturday, October 5th over 50 students, faculty, staff and Alumni participated in the event held at the Prescott, Arizona campus.  Luc B., an Aerospace Engineering Alumnus and owner of AeroRacers, Inc., designed a glider, the Silver Eagle, specifically for the Aero Derby.  With the assistance of a high-start system gliders were launched over 120 feet in the air.  The windy conditions worried us as they were not ideal for the gliders, but participants found success.  AeroRacers, Inc. provided $1,000 of scholarship money awarded to the top three participants.  ERAU Aeronautical Engineering student Matthew Greene flew the top time of 50.92 seconds.  Second and third place times came in at 40.61 and 39.68 seconds respectively.  We’re pleased everyone had a good time and look forward to the next Great American Aero Derby!